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About This Site

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This site is the result of hundreds of hours of hard work and dedication. Throughout the time we spent writing the bulk of this site, our lives were put on stand still as we worked to complete each section.

Judging by the e-mails and requests we get, I have the feeling that it's never going to end . . . I suspect that this site will grow and grow, as more and more sections are added. That's a good thing and it's a task we enjoy doing.

We were getting at the very least, one or two calls a day from trainees across the UK who needed help. It seemed that so many trainees had the same problems, so I said "let's write a site with advice for trainee instructors. We could put so much on there, and really help people"

Have you ever regretted saying something?

If you've ever started a project, perhaps DIY or something else, got about 10% of the way into it and thought "is this ever going to end!" then you'll know just how we felt.

In truth, there were many times when we wanted to throw in the towel. Every word of the site was written by ourselves. Every image carefully prepared. We had to take our accumulated knowledge of driver training and instructor training, and condense it into the areas that really matter. It just seemed that those areas kept on expanding.

We'll be trying to make regular updates and changes. Any page that needs a complete re write will get it. Anything that needs attention will be sorted.

quote symbolThis site took hundreds of hours of hard work . . . we really hope that you get a lot of use out of it . . .quote symbol

The aim of the site is simply to bring you the very best advice that we can. So many people spend a lot of money in trying to become a driving instructor, only to feel very badly let down by their instructor trainers, lack of understanding or lack of skills. People are such a valuable thing. There are many superb instructors who never made it to 'green card status', and that's such a shame.

We decided to put the site together to help some of those people. We have had many, many e-mails from people we've never met, who were so grateful for our advice and assistance. I'd like to thank those people personally, because just one person passing part 3 due to our advice and the help on this site makes it all worthwhile.

If I could only tell you how much of a 'buzz' it is for us to train new instructors and to see those people starting off on a brand new life, then you'd completely understand why we've put so much time and trouble into completing this site.

I'd just like to add, that although you'll find great advice on this site, reading the web site or publications is no substitute for great instructor training. Please feel free to use our advice in conjunction with your training. After all, that's how we intended you to use it.

If your trainer disagrees strongly with anything we've put on this site, please tell us. No one has a monopoly on good ideas. No one has the right to say that their way is best. We are always looking to improve our training and our knowledge. I think that that's why we're so successful, not only in our instructor training, but in our learner driving lessons as well.

If you keep an open mind and learn everything you can, from whoever you can, you'll develop into an excellent instructor.

Enjoy reading this site and use the information here wisely

ADIT team


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