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The Keys to Success

"The briefings are only a minor part of the test

Your instructional skills are far more important to get you that green card, so make sure your training develops these areas

Don't waste time studying what you don't need";

Dave Hartley ADI Trainer

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You'll find lots of help and advice towards Part 3, including ms-psl errors and advice on the manoeuvres

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Specialist Part 3 training can achieve remarkable results

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Specialist training achieves results . . ADIT have taken people who scored 2 - 2 on their second attempt to 6 - 5 and 5 - 6 on their third test

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You've passed part 1 and part 2, and now you just have to get through part 3, and you'll be fully qualified

Your new career, your new life . . . is just one more step away

Part three is a test of your instructional ability. The test lasts for approximately one hour, and is the final part of the qualifying process. When you pass part 3 you become a fully qualified driving instructor

You will not find a 'quick fix' or techniques to help you just scrape through a test on these pages. You should be aiming to be a good instructor, not to just get through a test. The advice you'll find in these pages, along with your training, will help you to achieve that. If you have selected this page directly, for advice on this final qualifying stage, I would thoroughly recommend that you go back and read the driving ability section of the site

Part 3 is the test that get's you the green card, but part 3 is not the single most important part of the qualifying process, but . . .

Part 2 is without question the key to success at part 3

The test of instructional ability is the door you need to get through. Part 2 skills are the key that opens the door. The better your driving ability training, the wider the door opens, and the easier it is to get through

Click here for further details of our intensive Part 3 preperation courses, and you could discover the key to success that so many other trainees found
Part 3 is regarded by many as the most difficult test of the qualifying process, yet with specialist training Part 3 can be quite straight forward

We have helped a great many people with difficulties at part 3. In many of those cases, there was a quite astounding lack of knowledge at the part 2 level. In particular, ensure that you read the advanced observation pages, the ms-psl pages, and the anticipation pages. You'll also find all of the pages on the common ms-psl errors and manoeuvre errors of great value

The final ADI test is, without any doubt, the most widely misunderstood and even feared part of the qualifying process. It's a fact that this stage accounts for a significant number of those trainees who never manage to become ADI's

The simple truth is that part 3 has very little to do with the dreaded pre set tests, and a very great deal to do with your skills as an instructor

Many trainees needlessly memorise the pre set test briefings in the false belief that this is what the SE is looking for. Yes, the SE is looking for a good briefing, but when it comes to passing this test, the briefing and pre set tests are almost insignificant compared to your ability to deliver a well structured, safe and controlled driving lesson

I cannot stress highly enough that your training should not concentrate solely on repetitively practicing the pre set tests. You should aim to develop all the required sub skills and core competencies that make you a good instructor

As with part two, you are only allowed three attempts, after which you must start all over again with the theory and hazard perception tests after 2 years. The pass rates for this stage of the ADI qualifying process are not high. At present, only approximately 24% of those who take the test will pass

Throughout this area of the site, you'll find lots of very valuable information about part 3

During this test you will have to give instruction and demonstrate your ability to assess and correct any driving errors that you see. The test uses 'role play' – that is that the examiner simulates learner drivers at differing stages of their training, your task is to sort out any problems exhibited and develop new skills

Part-Three is split into two 'phases' each lasting about 25 minutes

quote symbolnever forget that the most important skill to develop for Part 3 are the Core Competencies . . . you should use them on every lesson and never underestimate how vital they are to getting your green card . . . quote symbol
Harry Elkan ADI Trainer

During phase-one the examiner will play the role of a learner with very little or no experience at all of the subject that you are asked to teach. During phase-two the examiner will play the role of a pupil with more experience and prior knowledge of the subject you are asked to teach. You will be assessed on your ability to match your instruction to the level of the pupils portrayed, observe and correct any errors and maintain a safe controlled learning environment

You will need to treat each of the two phases as separate ‘mini lessons’ and ensure that you effectively teach the SE ADI the subject chosen for you on your test. So often, trainees struggle needlessly with the role play aspect of their training and in the test itself. Yet role play is a valuable learning and training tool if used correctly. We place a great deal of importance on developing the role play skills, so vital for your success. The need to treat the SE ADI as a learner is of great importance during the test of instructional ability

Developing role play skills takes time and effort for most trainees. For many people, the role play environment is something completely new to them. They feel confused and a little embarrassed. Again, another reason why we prefer our instructor training to be on a one to one basis. The learning environment needs to be comfortable and relaxed for ADI trainees to obtain the maximum benefit from the role play experience. If you don’t feel at ease with the training situation, you won’t learn as much. If you feel uncomfortable with role play when you are one of two or three trainees in the car, your progress will be slower and you may not fully develop the skills needed

The sub skills required to pass the part 3 stage are complex and take time to master, that’s why we feel that your course needs to be carefully structured for you to obtain the maximum benefit from your training sessions

You will have to ‘drive’ the car from the passenger seat, give good directions in good time, instruct your learner how to drive, spot and rectify any driving errors, keep the car and everyone else safe whilst always maintaining a calm, professional approach. No wonder your instructor training needs to be good


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