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Your Guide To Becoming A driving Instructor

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The Keys to Success

"The briefings are only a minor part of the test

Your instructional skills are far more important to get you that green card, so make sure your training develops these areas

Don't waste time studying what you don't need";

Dave Hartley ADI Trainer

There are over 300 pages of advice and information on this site . . .  why not take a look at the Part 2 section? You'll find lots of help and advice towards Part 3, including ms-psl errors and advice on the manoeuvres

Advice on advanced observations?
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Need information on the Pre Set Tests?
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The Keys to Success

"Remember on phase 1 to keep your instruction high . . . your 'learner' will need a full talk through to help them develop the skills they need"
Harry Elkan ADI Trainer

Why become a driving instructor?

You could become an instructor, with high quality training from ADITThere’s no doubt that you can make a big impact on peoples lives when you become a qualified driving instructor

The benefits and the rewards are plain to see, but the greatest pleasure is in meeting such a wide variety of people and helping them to achieve their personal goals. The diversity and variety that this career offers could open up a whole new world of possibilities . . .

Once you are qualified you can decide what you’ll do and when you’ll do it.
You could concentrate on teaching learners or move into company fleet support and advanced driving instruction . . . the choice is yours

Do you want to be free of your 9 to 5 existence?
Do you want to work when you want to, where you want to?
Do you want to be your own boss, making your own decisions?
Do you want a challenging and rewarding new life?
Or do you want an extra part time income?

For many people, that’s the main reason for becoming a driving instructor . . . choice. The freedom to decide your own future
You will be completely self employed and free to make your own decisions. You will be able to build your business and your reputation. The only person to decide how much work you’ll do is you. You could stay independent or you could work with an established school

You decide. It’s your life!

Good Instructor Training can help you begin a career where the opportunities for progression are varied and endless

We invite you to browse through this site, and we hope to help you make your decisions and to continue helping you throughout your journey to a new life. We don't mind who you train with, we just want to help

We have pages explaining your potential earnings, the legal requirements you must fulfill and the first steps you need to take. We'll also explain the examination process and our useful ADI glossary has been provided to help you understand the 'jargon' of the driving instructor's world



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