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Intensive courses with experienced trainers who specialise in Part 3Driving Instructor training, courses, help and advice. Everything you need to know to become an ADI and pass the qualifying exams. On this site you'll find over 300 pages of top quality information . . . and it's growing all the time!

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Do you need help to find your way through the maze of information and skills you need to become a driving instructor?

Completely confused by role play and what's really needed to pass those tests and start your new life as a driving instructor?

Your new life is only three tests away, but without effective training you'll feel like you're climbing the highest mountain. You need the right training and you need the right information to succeed . . .

From 2 - 2 Part 3 despair to 6 - 5 Part 3 success
in just one easy step . . . read how . . .
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Have you recently qualified and need support and guidance on improving your skills?

Our successful driving instructor training courses can help you to achieve your dreams. We can provide full training for all three parts of the qualifying process, hourly training for those who wish to spread the cost, and the very best Advanced Driving courses

Practical, no nonsense advice that could easily make the difference to your test results. We have the very best Instructor Training publications available, and links to all of the very best books and CD Rom's

Throughout this site you'll see testimonials from trainees like yourself. They decided to benefit from our training and the assistance of our superb guides to success

Why not join the many we've already helped? Remember, our training places are limited. Call to book your sessions before you pay

There is so much more to being a driving instructor than getting through the qualifying examinations. Once you pass, that's where your never ending voyage of self improvement should begin

This site has advice for all three stages of the instructor examination process, everything you need to know to become a driving instructor, training to be good instructor, and getting a great check test grade. You'll find lots of useful advice on improving your instructor skills and developing both yourself and your business

The ADIT instructor forum is on line now. Hundreds of members discussing all aspects of how to qualify and life in general. Register now and join inThe discussion forum is now on-line! Simply register a user name and password and join in.

Talk about anything to do with training, work as an ADI, life or anything else that takes your fancy!

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