ADI Part 3 - The Marking Form

ADI Part 3 - The Form Used To Measure Your Performance On The Test

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The Keys to Success

"On your Part 3, try to emphasise the aspects of the PST that are vital for road safety

It's no use your learner being able to tell you the difference between a Pelican and a Toucan crossing when they're driving through them without using the correct routines, not looking out for pedestrians or being prepared to stop when they need to

Concentrate on what's really important and teach your learners the skills to stay safe!"

Dave Hartley ADI Trainer

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Part 3 Marking Form

ADI 26 marking form for a Part 3 test

A real test form from a real part 3 test. Reproduced here with the permission of the DSA

The test records a 5/4 pass. The names have been removed to protect the innocent!

Notice how the boxes on the left are simply 'satisfactory', so don't get too hung up on lesson content. Simply cover the key areas and get on with the lesson

The boxes on the right side of the sheet are what makes or breaks part 3. These areas attract a grade of from 1 to 6, depending on your performance

ADIT Team.

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