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ADI Training Testimonials

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These are just some of the messages we've received from ADI trainees, as emails to us or as postings on National forums on driver training. When you arrange your training with us, you'll understand just why we get so many emails of appreciation and thanks from those trainees that we've helped

Your ADIT trainers are Harry Elkan and Dave Hartley

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quote  . . . after the training i received locally in Aberdeen i failed my ADI part 3 test twice with scores that were bad to say the least and getting worse, a 2/3 on my first then 2/2 on my second. I then contacted Dave Hartley ... who was happy to help out, even over the phone out of normal working hours. after an initial two days with Dave i was more than happy to travel the 400 miles from Aberdeen to Hull for further training and my final attempt at part 3, I had a further 3 days training before my test and the final result was a 6/5, in my opinion without the training i received from Dave and Harry . . . i would never have passed the final test          quote

I Nelson DSA ADI (car) - Aberdeen, Scotland

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quote  Many thanks to Dave Hartley and the rest of the team for getting me through the Part 3. It was all or nothing as I was on my third strike, with pink badge running out and no backup career plans. I did some research and found that Dave Hartley came highly recommended, so gave him a call. I must admit, initially I was a bit hesitant as it seemed a lot of money to throw at the final attempt. My second attempt was a 2-2, whilst my third attempt was a 5-5; therefore it was superb value for money. The key to the success is the fact that the trainer has an up-to-date knowledge of the current Part 3 test, as he has forged close links with senior examiners. Because he understands what the examiners are looking for, and delivers this knowledge in an intensive yet enjoyable learning environment, I went into my test completely confident of a pass. I have no hesitation in recommending this recovery training to anyone wishing to give their grades a serious boost          quote

P Litton DSA ADI (Car) - York, North Yorkshire

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quote  Hi Dave
Thank you so much for getting me through Part 3. Having previously trained with a local company for Parts 1 and 2, which cost me a considerable amount of time and money, I was feeling totally demoralised and confused. When I began practicing role play for Part 3 with my former trainer, I felt as though I was literally going around in circles, repeating the PST's and getting nowhere. I’m so thankful that I found your web site on the internet. After chatting to you for an hour, things started to fall into place and make sense. The instruction I received from Harry Elkan was superb, combined with extra tuition from you prior to my Part 3 test in March of this year . . . (2007)  . . . the support, encouragement and excellent training materials all helped to ensure a first time pass for me. I can honestly say that although I was nervous, I felt very confident before I took the test and was delighted to get a 5/4. The dedication and commitment of the Weelz team is exemplary and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to potential driving instructors          quote

J Dyson DSA ADI (car) - Rotherham, South Yorkshire

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quote  Dave,
I just wanted to thank you for all your help this year with my Part 3! Having spent almost £4000 on Part 3 training and wasting time with hopeless Instructors i finally found your name. I must admit i was a bit nervous at first, but after you explained Part 3 in such simple terms, i knew even i could pass it! Having failed it 3 times before, i really was disheartened and about to give up. I remember you telling me that i could pass the dreaded test and pass on my 4th attempt. How right you were. After a couple of days on your intensive course i went home with my head fit to burst. All new ideas and how refreshing it all was. I decided to have a further 3 days with you some time later just to put my mind at rest. And how amazed was i when i passed!! I was over the moon. Needless to say i could not have done it without you. I loved your straight to the point method of teaching . . . You told me exactly what i needed to do to pass the test and i passed. What more could i ask. Every penny i spent was worth it, even coming from the south coast to see you. The time i spent with you not only made me pass the test but made me a good Instructor!.I will recommend you to every PDI i meet at the test centre. Keep up the good work mate, i owe you one!          quote

K DuFosse DSA ADI (car) - Southampton

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quote  Special thanks though to the man who really made the difference to my training, Dave Hartley of Dash Driving. It was through this site that I became aware of this truly brilliant trainer and generally smashing guy. I spent two great days with Dave and his friend and fellow trainer Harry. The standard of coaching and the fun way it was delivered was truly great. Not only that, Dave was continually in contact by phone and txt giving me advice and encouragement all along the way - fantastic! The passion these guys have for the job was a revelation and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much guys!         quote

G Chessor DSA ADI (car) (forum posting) - London

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quote  just had to say a huge thank you to Harry Elkan for making my dreams come true, finally now i can get on with my life, your ADI training is without doubt the best, would have been back in the wilderness without it, and thanks to Dave Hartley for all the support .Simply the best!!!!         quote

M Hudson DSA ADI (car) (forum posting) - Bridlington, East Yorkshire

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quote  Hi,
my name is Gail and thanks to Dave Hartley I am an ADI. I had spent a lot of time money and effort in order to pass my part 3. The training I had previously received was very poor and lacking in many areas. I failed my first attempt. I read an article on the net written by Dave about core competencies. I printed it off and showed it to my trainer who laughed and ripped it up!!!! I could not believe it, as the article made a lot of sense to me. So I rang Dave Hartley and I am so glad I did. My life changed, the training and support I have received has been second to none. Dave put me right on all the wrong information I had been given, he has helped me every step of the way to develop new skills and with his constant support I passed my part 3 on the 2nd attempt with a 5/4. Recently I have been back up to Hull for my Check Test training. Just as before the training was absolutely brilliant. I would strongly recommend Dave Hartley and his team to anyone, and would be happy to discuss this over the phone         quote

G Ball DSA ADI (car) - Leicester

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quote  After having failed my part 3 twice I felt it was now or never. When I contacted Dave for the first time I really felt he was concerned and took time to discuss my fears and ways in which to improve my instructing techniques. After six hours with Dave it was an eye opening experience on how much was missing from my previous training; their personal approach made all the difference, particularly the night before my test! Thanks so much to both Dave and Sharron for providing the missing ingredient. What a great Christmas present passing my part 3 was. I now feel I have a future!        

Kind regards and many thanks quote

D Kingston, DSA ADI (car) - North Yorkshire

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quote  Hi Dave,
Just want to say thank you for everything, it still hasn't sunk in yet! I thought I'd let you know how much I enjoyed the part 3 training, I only wish I'd known about you from the start I can't explain how happy I was when I started to realise what it's really all about. I was so confused and seemed to be getting nowhere. You made it so simple and you really lifted my confidence for part 3. I'll never forget those words . . . "congratulations, you've passed!           quote

H Frost DSA ADI (car) - Bradford, West Yorkshire

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quote  I would like to thank you dearly for your help in helping me to pass my ADI part 3 test, when I came to you having failed my first attempt I felt that I didn't have the skills or the confidence to even take a second attempt let alone pass. After spending just one day training with you Dave my whole view and approach had changed. You showed me that the part 3 test is about me and my teaching skills and not about knowing everything and having all the answers, this gave me so much confidence and the 2 weeks leading up to my test were completely different. Your advice on ‘picturing yourself as the instructor you want to be' really helped I had never done this before, also learning to ask myself the question ‘what would Lianne be doing now' made me realize the small things I was missing. Thank you for your friendly, reassuring approach and the support I received from both Sharon and yourself leading up to and on the day of my test. I really feel that I would have been facing a 3 rd attempt if I hadn't met you guys so thanks for rescuing me from that too

Kind regards, Your friend and fellow ADI (woohoo) !!          quote

L White, DSA ADI (car) - Bradford, West Yorkshire

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quote  I would like to pay tribute to my trainer, Dave Hartley of Dash Driving, who in my most humble opinion is the one of the best ADI trainers in the UK. I have no doubt that I would not be here now if it was not for Dave's support and training. His methods and his advice are absolutely spot on. He is passionate about driving instruction and it shows in his teaching method

The result of my test this morning speaks for itself . . .          quote

N Harbinson, DSA ADI (car) (forum posting) - Nottingham

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quote  I would recommend Dave's teaching to anyone else out there, he has some very positive methods much different to the failure-based teaching that most other trainers seem to offer. He picked up a very rusty wannabe-instructor (me), worked on my core competencies and got me to test standard and the result was a pass . . . Cheers Dave!           quote

G Doran, DSA ADI (car) (forum posting) - Lincoln

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quote  Hi Dave, hope you had a safe journey back home. I just wanted to write to you and say thanks for the time you spent with me today. I really enjoyed it and was buzzing all the way back home, I learnt so much in that short time. It was so nice to be working with someone who clearly enjoys what they do. I'm really excited about our future training for my pt 3 because I know I will ultimately be a better instructor for the experience . . .         quote

R Clamp, ADI Trainee - Chichester

R Clamp is now a fully qualified ADI. After taking his part 3 training with Dave, Russell was successful in his part 3 test held at Eastbourne in 2005. We would like to wish him the very best for his future career

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Harry Elkan and Dave Hartley


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